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Hey There!

Hey There!

Name: Verena J. Shyama
Verena - "Protector" Shyama - “Dark, Black, Blue”

Age: 18 ( 3 years older then main Naruto cast)

Affiliation: Suna

Rank: Chuunin

Nature Type : Water

Summon: Spiders- a Bagheera kiplingi named Jimin and a Wheel Spider named Koji. A giant summon she could stand on is The Brazilian Wandering Spider named Vile.

Kekkei Genkai: Zetsumei Seshoku
---Zetsumei - "Death" Seshoku - “Touch,Contact”
---Ability 1 ) Paralyze your opponent by transferring your chakra into there body
---Ability 2 ) To detonate your chakra inside someone elses body. (Rare for someone to achieve, Verena never gets this ability)

Weakness: Cannot be healed by member outside the Shyama Family. There chakra is unique and if someone such as Sakura were to heal them it would only backfire making the wound worse

Personality: brash and over confident.


Verena was born on a large island, to a village called Orange Blossom. This village does not believe in having strong contact with the other villages on the main land, Other than for trade they are content to keep outsiders away and to stick by their own traditions. There are 5 main families in this village that control most of the island. These families are the Shyama, Shizuka, Hanaya, Minaru, and the Sukaidaiba. Shyama family being the leading family of the village.

The Shyama are a very old family, with dark beliefs. They use torture often to get what they want. They control the other families by being ruthless and murderous. There most recognizable feature are there pupiless grey eyes. Though it is rare some members are born with green eyes. The green eyes set in a few months after the child is born. By law all Green Eyed babies are to be disposed of. The elders in of the Shyama family hold strong belief that Green Eyes are infected with evil, and will become a threat to the purity and greatness of the Silver Eyes.

Verena’s story starts with her pure silver eyes, becoming green. Her mother was not a Shyama, and refused to hand over her baby to be murdered. Instead she gave Verena to some traveling gypsies currently passing through the island. She begged them to take her to safety. While many of the gypsies opposed the idea of taking in a child that could get them killed, 3 members stood up to take her.

These 3 members were sisters, named Hotaru, Amaya, and Rin Hitsu. They call themselves Verenas Aunts. They were nomadic and traveled often, they sold different goods, mainly clothing. The 3 sisters were very good at using genjutsus, and would use genjutsus to tell stories by making pictures appear over the fire they were sitting at. They taught Verena many jutsus that made her blend into forest so she could hide from danger. They also liked to tell peoples fortunes, using their own personal kekkai genkai *no name given* to sense people's feelings and use it to help tell them what they want to hear. Often a con.

When Verena was 8 they traveled to the Leaf Village, there Verena met a very energetic girl named Tenten. Tenten taught her about different weapons. After this Verena began to love weapons. Tenten Gave her her first Kunai, Verena carries it still with her.

At age 10, the sisters decided it was time to settle down in the Sand Village. Verena hated the dessert, and begged them to reconsider and move to the leaf village. Verena refused to make friends, and ignored the other members of her class. She failed her initial graduation, and almost failed the 2nd time. She was 13 years old when she became a Genin. She was the weakest member of her team.

[Art for Me]

Whats being made for me

:iconarinofire: 1/2 Body of Sin [Contest Prize]

Cyriane & Sin
Base Trade
[Hers] - Not Done

[My part] -Sin and Cyriane by T-Raposo

Chibi Commission- Flat Colors. Verena

So I'm working on the Maybe Babies Naruto Edition (feel free to join, you can still comment in my journal) but i feel like sketching and drawing something else, but not sure what i want to start!~ What do you think? 

9 deviants said Verenas and her daughter Hana
7 deviants said Verena X Deidara
6 deviants said The new naruto kids
2 deviants said Verena
2 deviants said Seiji
1 deviant said Comment specifics if you please =]


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gif by Emoxynha


None for now !

Art Trades

Seiji and Kira ~ waiting to start

our sexy demons

None !


New Maybe Baby Game~ Naruto Edition ~ 
This time when you pick a number you wont be getting one of my characters. This time it will be a 'Naruto' baby. Everyone can participate, if you have participated before, you can participate again. 
Link me a female oc , pick a number # 1-15 
Link me a male oc, pick a number #1-15
If you don't have an OC, choose a character from a cast. Orochimaru for example , or hey even someone from Attack on Titan. :aww:  
And then i draw a baby created from the genetics of your oc and a Naruto character!
To make it more random and blind date-ish you dont know which Naruto Character you're being paired with.
The babies are yours to keep!
So, list of the guys i'll be using. Naruto, Sai, Sasuke, Kakashi, Gaara, Shikamaru, Chouji, Lee, Kiba, Shino, Deidara, Itachi, Sasori, Hmmm... Hidan and Suigetsu i guess could be fun as well. lol I dont want to go over 15, so Kisame and a few others are bein

Go Go OC CLOSEDGo Go OC round 4!
These are very fun to do; and i enjoy doing these with everyone
If you have participated in previous rounds; guess what you can participate again! :la:
Previous pictures : 
 In your comment; either pick Base A or C . Thank you!

Note: Good chance the style of this base will change, It'll still be dark/blood themed.
Spots available:0 
1. :iconshikagirl1000:
2. :iconpixiegirl2282: Miya
3. :icondemigirlmeika: Lazy Pose - Ramona ~vampire
4. :iconbrookeveil: ~

Contest Prizes

Full Body Drawing -…

Chibi batch:








Previous Contest:

:iconnanakohojo: *priority*
[Waiting for there reply]

:iconxxai-no-naixx: *priority*
[Waiting for there reply]

[Waiting for there reply]

1- Full Commission
(1-2 people/animals + Detailed background)
[Waiting for there reply]

kyut by annalovebianca


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